Beige on Beige

There’s no denying that beige on beige is one of the hottest trends of the season, but also one of the few I was hesitant to try.

Sweater: Urban Outfitters / Pants: H&M / Shoes: Steve Madden / Bracelet: Forever21 

It’s been popping up for months on feeds and in fashion articles, but it wasn’t until i was scrolling my own actual closet that I even consider trying it out for myself. When I think monochromatic dressing my first instinct is to reach for blacks, greys, whites or even dramatic colors. 

Beige is a color that for whatever reason seems to get a bland rap. However, as the runways have proven (at least to me) when paired all together it creates a classic look that still has an easy casual vibe that says, “I just threw this one before running out the door”. 

Will this be my go to color from now on? No, but I will definitely be reaching for it way more often now! 



Feelin’ the Green

I love how throwing on a loose sweater over a dress can completely change the look and feel of an outfit.

Sweater: H&M / Dress: C/MEO Collective / Boots: Zara / Purse: Prada
Recently I’ve really leaned in to getting more use and wear out of even the simplest of items. This dress when paired with my camel coat and the same boots was perfectly elegant and chic for a date night, but wanted to make it more daytime appropriate. It’s a bit on the lower cut side, and all that white is asking for disaster when you combine it clutziness with toddler hands, so I figured why not try and cover some of it up? It completely changed the look exactly how I wanted it to and I’m happy to report that the dress is still (miraculously) white! 

More Mint

A little bit of everything… 💚 🌈 🍃

Top: Minkpink/ Jacket: Gap (Similar)/ Jeans: Levis (Similar)/ Shoes: Bandolino (Similar)/ Clutch: Ross (Similar)

Sometimes there are days my outfits are incredibly well thought and planned out. Other days I throw on a bunch of stuff until I find something that sticks (or I run out of time and need to run out the door for work). The outfit above was definitely more of the latter. I knew I wanted to wear this gingham top but had no clue how to style it. After a few attempts, and fails this was the final result–and yes with just seconds to spare. Overall, I’m happy with the results and although my bedroom still looks like a tornado blew through it, this mish-mosh of pieces doesn’t reflect that. I’m also happy to report that as the day went on I thought of more and more ways to style this top, which I will be sharing next week. Stay tuned!

Mint Condition

This dress combines all my favorite spring trends into one fantastic piece!

Dress: Saylor / Jacket: Old Navy / Shoes: Steve Madden / Purse: Like Dreams (similar)

What happens when you combine stripes, mint and bright colorful embroidery? You get one very happy girl, that’s what! I knew as soon as I saw this dress that I had to wear it. When it comes to trends I tend to stick with pieces that only incorporate one at a time. This piece manages to balance multiple trends (the mint, the barely-there stripes and brightly colored embroidery that’s almost rainbow)  in just the right way without being too much. It was absolutely perfect for an evening spent sipping rosé on the patio counting down the days til summer is officially here.






Trend Talk Tuesday

Let's TalkLavender

Every spring I embrace lighter colors. For me though, lighter colors mainly consist of ivories and pale pinks. This year I was exceptionally excited when I started seeing lavender popping up more and more on the runways and blogs. It’s feminine without being overly saccharinely sweet like shades of pale pink (or rather millennial pink) can sometimes be. From tops to dresses to pants it’s a shade that looks good on everyone! I plan on whipping out the few pieces I own in this hue, but below are also a few of the items I’m eyeballing currently as well.



Untitled design (39)

Left to Right: Saylor / La Vie / Petersyn

Untitled design (37)

Left to Right: The Jet Set Diaries / Prose & Poetry (Kimberly) / Prose & Poetry (Christina)

Untitled design (38)

Left to Right: Elizabeth and James / Hunter Bell / Tibi