Balancing Act

Sweater: Joie / Jeans: Levi’s / Boots: Doc Marten’s / Purse: Rebecca Minkoff [remixed] / Sunglasses: Banana Republic

If one were to describe my style I don’t think it would ever fit into a neat little box. I’m neither preppy, or completely funky, but I love finding ways to combine the two into a perfect, balanced mixture. My style changes day to day based off my mood, and that’s what makes fashion so fun!Who says ones style needs to be something that fits into a perfect box or category? People aren’t that easily explained, so why should how we dress be? 

Baby, It’s (finally) Cold Outside

Sweater: H&M (similar here) / Dress: Scotch & Soda / Boots: Simply Vera by Vera Wang (similar here) / Purse: Julie K (similar here)/ Sunglasses: 99 Cent Store (I’m a sucker for cheap sunglasses)

Now that the temperature is finally dropping in LA I’ve begun pulling out more and more of my winter wardrobe. Unfortunately, you never know when it will decide to jump up to 75+ again, so to combat that I’ve been playing around with layers. This burgundy turtleneck sweater paired perfectly with this Scotch & Soda dress I featured last week. It managed to turn it into a completely different look which I love! I’ll definitely be playing around more with oversized sweaters over dresses in the future!