Red VS Grey

Sweater: 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target / Jeans: Current Elliot / Boots: Sam Edelman / Earrings: H&MIf you look back to my posts a year ago, you never would have seen me mixing so many prints and colors as I am these days.

These bolder combos I’ve been trying as of late are definitely inspired by my Instagram feed most of all. The fun prints and bright colors remind me of less gloomy days, and I’m utilizing them as a way to block out the consistent gloomy weather we’ve been having in LA. Though I own a pair of Current Elliot jeans that are almost identical to these, they’re in a light grey, and I’ve been getting enough of that with the sky these days. The red is a fun ode to Valentines Day (I know it’s been a while since it’s passed, but I’m still very much on my love kick), and this sweater never fails to bring a smile to my face.

Cold Comfort

Sweater: Fuzzi / Tshirt: Gap / Jeans: Current Elliot / Shoes: Circus by Sam Edelman / Bag: Liv

My favorite thing about it finally cooling off in LA is being able to layer up in cozier clothing. I’m not under any impression that it will stay chilly–it’s inevitable that we will get another heatwave before the holidays kick into full gear, but I am fully embracing the cooler mornings while I can. Typically I tend to avoid mixing prints, but the colors of this sweater made it very easy to do so. The trick is sticking to a fairly strict color pallet so that things don’t get too busy.

Do you mix prints, or stay away from it?