The Ultimate Hack

Jumpsuit: The Fifth Label / Camisole: Goldhawk Clothing / Jacket: Old Navy/ Shoes: Alberta / Purse: Luella

Most women I know would have the same complaint as I do when it comes to jumpsuits–stripping bare whenever the needs arises to relieve ones bladder. But, sometimes its simply worth it. This jumpsuit as lovely and chic as it is, was simply too lowcut to wear to work, so I brainstormed for a bit, and decided to see if I could layer a silk and lace camisole underneath it for a bit more coverage. Not only did it add an extra layer and element to an already fun outfit, it also made every trip to the restroom that much more comfortable!

Trend Talk Tuesday

Let's TalkLavender

Every spring I embrace lighter colors. For me though, lighter colors mainly consist of ivories and pale pinks. This year I was exceptionally excited when I started seeing lavender popping up more and more on the runways and blogs. It’s feminine without being overly saccharinely sweet like shades of pale pink (or rather millennial pink) can sometimes be. From tops to dresses to pants it’s a shade that looks good on everyone! I plan on whipping out the few pieces I own in this hue, but below are also a few of the items I’m eyeballing currently as well.



Untitled design (39)

Left to Right: Saylor / La Vie / Petersyn

Untitled design (37)

Left to Right: The Jet Set Diaries / Prose & Poetry (Kimberly) / Prose & Poetry (Christina)

Untitled design (38)

Left to Right: Elizabeth and James / Hunter Bell / Tibi