Lightweight Layers

Jumpsuit: J for Justify / Top: Ecote / Jacket: Old Navy / Shoes: Circus by Sam Edelman / Purse: Summer & Rose

After a much needed break and reset after traveling, I’m jumping into this week with some extra pep in my step after the long weekend. I made sure to schedule in some much needed down time, and am happy to say I feel fresh and ready to tackle the week and month ahead! Summer is always a hectic time for me, so I enjoy simple outfits that feel pulled together. My usual go to would have been to just throw this jumpsuit on and run out the door, but when I saw all the clouds spanning the sky I took it as an opportunity to layer on a few other items to create a more unique and playful look. It still feels summer appropriate with the crochet and denim, and I love the modern 70s vibe I get with all these pieces combined.

The Ultimate Hack

Jumpsuit: The Fifth Label / Camisole: Goldhawk Clothing / Jacket: Old Navy/ Shoes: Alberta / Purse: Luella

Most women I know would have the same complaint as I do when it comes to jumpsuits–stripping bare whenever the needs arises to relieve ones bladder. But, sometimes its simply worth it. This jumpsuit as lovely and chic as it is, was simply too lowcut to wear to work, so I brainstormed for a bit, and decided to see if I could layer a silk and lace camisole underneath it for a bit more coverage. Not only did it add an extra layer and element to an already fun outfit, it also made every trip to the restroom that much more comfortable!

Golden Moment

Jumpsuit: J For Justify / Jacket: Staring at Stars / Shoes: Circus by Sam Edelman / Purse: Vintage Coach  / Earrings: Amazon


You ever have on of those days where for no other reason, in particular, you just happened to wake up on the wrong side of the bed? Well, I have far more of those mornings than I’d care to admit–this morning being one. I woke up sluggish, burned my coffee on my tongue, and was just feeling overall blah. I realized I had 10 minutes to throw some clothes on otherwise I’d be showing up to work in my pajamas (which in retrospect is something that probably would have made the kids happy) so I grabbed the first thing my eyes landed on which happened to be this jumpsuit, slide my feet into some mules that were already laying around, grabbed a jacket and some earrings and quite literally ran out the door. I was extremely frazzled until I got to my car and noticed everything was covered in tiny yellow petals. For some reason instead of being annoyed at how dirty my car was (which I normally would do), I took a moment to really take everything in and breath in the beauty of those petals creating a beautiful yellow blanket over everything around.


Comin’ In Red Hot

Jumpsuit: Jill Stuart / Shoes: Rock & Candy / Bracelet: Forever 21 (similar)

Red is not typically a color I embrace when it comes to my wardrobe, which is only surprising because it’s my favorite color. However, when I saw this jumpsuit by Jill Stuart I was immediately drawn in by the clean, sleek silhouette and bold color. While it would have paired beautifully with a matching bold lip and vibrant accessories, I decided to keep things simple and dress it down (slightly) for happy hour last week by keeping my hair and makeup minimal and let this beautiful piece do all the talking for me.


Pineapple Express

Feeling extra fresh and fruity in this Kate Spade jumpsuit! 🍍 

Jumpsuit: Kate Spade New York / Shoes: Rock N Candy / Sunglasses: Banana Republic (similar)

Lately, I’ve been leaning hard into fruit or food patterned items. They feel extra summery and it doesn’t hurt that the little ones I take care of love them too. Children are inherently honest, so when they compliment your outfit you know it’s extra special! I love the hint of yellow and brown throughout this jumpsuit making it both something wearable for daytime as well as a piece I’m able to dress up by swapping my leather coat and sandals for heels and a blazer. It makes a statement without being in your face and was perfect for a Sunday afternoon spent lounging around my cousins for a backyard BBQ. You don’t get much more summery than that!

Armed With a Jumpsuit

Hip hip hooray for finally finding a casual jumpsuit I love!

Jumpsuit: Deby Debo/ Mules: Kenneth Cole Reaction/ Earrings: H&M

Don’t get me wrong– I love a good dressy jumpsuit, but there’s something to be said for one that can be tossed on to run around after children at the park or go grocery shopping.In the past, I’ve avoided the more casual ones because they’ve either left me feeling frumpy or still to overdressed for everyday activities.This Deby Debo jumpsuit was everything I didn’t know I’ve been looking for though! From the cinched waist to the army green linen material it was absolutely perfect and beyond comfortable!I will definitely be on the hunt for more casual jumpsuits in the future!

Criss Cross 

There is no greater joy than that feeling after getting your hair done (especially when your roots get as bad as mine)! 

Jumpsuit: DVF/ Jacket: Rails/ Shoes: Kenneth Cole Reaction/ Bag: See By Chloe

To celebrate after my hair was done I obviously needed to show off my new ‘do so I threw on this fabulous jumpsuit for a night out of the town. 

[Side Note: I am lucky enough to have a friend who is also my stylist and makes house calls—I love going to the salon, but love being able to enjoy dancing around my living room even more without other people seeing me look like Alan Rickman from Galaxy Quest with all that bleach on my head! Anyone else prefer house calls or am I a weirdo?]

The crossover front of this DVF jumpsuit gives it a deep v without being too revealing and the tie adds even more color to an already poppin’ outfit. To keep with the somewhat retro vibe I threw on some silver mules—I had to pick a pair of shoes with at least a small heel, because I’m a shrimp 🦐 and the legs on this were so long, but loved how they barely peaked out when I walked. 
I felt extra chic in this whole ensemble and will definitely be ordering more DVF pieces in the future! 

What’s your favorite thing to do after a fresh colour and/or cut?