Sheer Delight 

Top: Goldhawk Clothing / Pants: 7 For All Mankind / Boots: Simply Vera / Purse: Coach

As I’ve gotten older I’ve started to lean into simpler outfits more often than not. When I’m running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off on too much coffee at 6 am try to get out the door the last thing I want to do is stress about what to wear. That being said it’s easy to fall into a style rut when you have a go to uniform (mine being black, black and more black). Lately however, I have found that by sticking to a different color (or close to it) I can create the same elongating, chic effect as I do with an all black outfit, while having it be slightly more eye catching and daytime appropriate.

Welcome to the Jungle

Dress: Scotch & Soda / Boots: Simply Vera (similar here) / Purse: Vintage HLC / Sunglasses: Lucky Brand (similar here) 
If you haven’t noticed I’m a sucker for a fun print, so naturally I was drawn to this Scotch & Soda dress. The ruffles and print keep it young and current, without being completely over the top. I absolutely love the hidden creatures (look closely) camouflaged just subtley enough in the jungle print that it doesn’t come off as juvenile. To counteract the femininity I paired it with some taupe booties instead of flats or mules and whipped out an old HLC bag that was gifted to me a while back. Overall, it’s an outfit that feels perfect to fight my way through the urban jungle later to go rock the vote! ✌🏻 

Dark Romance

Jacket: Michael Kors (similar here) / Top: thrifted (similar here) / Pants: Crossroads Trading Co. (similar here) / Boots: Report / Purse: Coach / Sunglasses: Simply Vera Wang

An outfit can be combined of the simplest pieces, but when you start adding in fun textures such as leather and velvet, it immediately feels more elevated. I have always been a very tactile person, and this very much effects the clothes I put in my wardrobe. I want textures that I will enjoy wearing, and feel my best and most confident in. The dark florals of the pants felt very appropriate and romantic for a fall day, but the silky material made them appropriate for an LA fall day. I was uninspired with tops until I began browsing my closet and rediscovered this purple velvet tank I thrifted ages ago. It created a unique look that left me feeling both pulled together and on trend.

Cold Comfort

Sweater: Fuzzi / Tshirt: Gap / Jeans: Current Elliot / Shoes: Circus by Sam Edelman / Bag: Liv

My favorite thing about it finally cooling off in LA is being able to layer up in cozier clothing. I’m not under any impression that it will stay chilly–it’s inevitable that we will get another heatwave before the holidays kick into full gear, but I am fully embracing the cooler mornings while I can. Typically I tend to avoid mixing prints, but the colors of this sweater made it very easy to do so. The trick is sticking to a fairly strict color pallet so that things don’t get too busy.

Do you mix prints, or stay away from it?

Fall Florals

Blazer: Urban Outfitters / Top: Old Navy / Jeans: H&M / Belt: Lucky Brand / Boots: Sam Edelman / Purse: See by Chloe / Necklace: Urban Outfitters
Florals are something that I tend to shy away from between the months of October through February. Lately, my feed has been filling with darker toned versions more and more, which inspired me to whip out this blazer I’ve had for years. Its muted tones and subtle floral print were a great way to ease into this fall trend, and it was perfect for a chilly, grey day in LA.

How do you feel about fall florals? Save ’em for spring or embrace all year round?

Birds of a Feather

Dress: DVF / Shoes: Circus by Sam Edelman / Purse: Olivia + Joy / Sunglasses: Banana Republic / Earrings: Lucky Brand


One thing you may or may not have figured out by now is that I’m a pretty big nerd. I love Harry Potter, Buffy and most things fantasy and I play Dungeons and Dragons every week with a group of friends. When I saw this dress I got extremely excited because at first glance I thought it was covered in phoenixes. Turns out they’re actually macaws, but I still love it all the same. It’s kitschy and fun, plus my kiddos love it. And happy toddlers lead to a happy nanny, just sayin’!

Golden Moment

Jumpsuit: J For Justify / Jacket: Staring at Stars / Shoes: Circus by Sam Edelman / Purse: Vintage Coach  / Earrings: Amazon


You ever have on of those days where for no other reason, in particular, you just happened to wake up on the wrong side of the bed? Well, I have far more of those mornings than I’d care to admit–this morning being one. I woke up sluggish, burned my coffee on my tongue, and was just feeling overall blah. I realized I had 10 minutes to throw some clothes on otherwise I’d be showing up to work in my pajamas (which in retrospect is something that probably would have made the kids happy) so I grabbed the first thing my eyes landed on which happened to be this jumpsuit, slide my feet into some mules that were already laying around, grabbed a jacket and some earrings and quite literally ran out the door. I was extremely frazzled until I got to my car and noticed everything was covered in tiny yellow petals. For some reason instead of being annoyed at how dirty my car was (which I normally would do), I took a moment to really take everything in and breath in the beauty of those petals creating a beautiful yellow blanket over everything around.