Prep It Up

For whatever reason I have never quite mastered the cool girl layering thing. Whenever I attempt to put a button up under a sweater I look less chic and more ridiculously bulky and awkward.

Perhaps that is why I was drawn to this beauty 👆 above with the layering built it! Maximum effect, minimum effort. 

However when I placed the order I was sceptical as to whether I’d end up wearing it (out of the house at least), but it ended up fitting perfectly! 

I paired it with some of my favorite high waist 7 for all mankind jeans (which were perfect for streamlining and holding in any pudge I wanted to hide). For shoes I opted for a pair of burgundy booties to play off the beautiful blue of the sweater.

So my friends, if you’re like me and have not mastered “cool girl layering” I highly recommend an all-in-one item like this.

Party Hardy

I’ve loved Halston Heritage for years, but could never justify the price tag for a dress I’d wear once or twice (I’ve always been terrible at rewearing my nicer dresses). 

When I saw this beaded shift dress I fell in love and knew it would be perfect for a good friends birthday festivities. 

I loved everything from the cut to the heading on this. It was extremely well made and dressy without being too extra. 

I paired it with the Endless Rose coat I also rented and loved the combo of the two items together with a simple pair of black booties. 

All Tied Up

I ordered this sweater with my Uncle’s birthday in mind (on a side note if you’re in the LA area Laurel Point Seafood is definitely worth a visit).

It was perfect for a casual birthday dinner on a cold winter night in LA. The ties added that little bit of extra pizzaz and I absolutely loved it!

I paired it with my favorite 7 for all mankind distressed skinny jeans and grey booties along with a playful silver tassel necklace I got from American Eagle years ago.

It was a simple outfit, but I felt extremely stylish and confident in it.

First Fab Four

I was unsure what to expect of the 4 pieces that I chose for my first order from Rent The Runway, but I can now say with confidence I am so happy that I signed up!

Here are the first four items I picked and I couldn’t be happier with them!


Endless Rose Charcoal Stripe Coat:

I fell in love with this coat the minute I saw it online. Between the bold stripes and classic cut I started dreaming up different ways to style it immediately. When I received it in the mail I was a little sad to find that I didn’t love the cut as much as I’d anticipated, however, I am happy that I did not return it as it has turned into the most worn item of these four.



Devlin Navy Flare Sweater:

I don’t tend to be drawn to clothing that veers towards preppy but there was something about this sweater that called to me. It fit perfectly and elevates a simple pair of high waist jeans into a fun and playful outfit.


D.O.A. Tie Sleeve Sweater:

I was clearly drawn to tie sleeves in this order (probably because it’s something I’d never thought to play around with before) and this sweater did not disappoint!


Halston Heritage Orchid Embroidered Shift Dress:

I’ve always loved the dresses Halston Heritage makes but could never justify the price tag because I have a tendency to not repeat my fancy dresses too often. I have been guilty of buying a new gown for the same awards show party for the last few years in a row. I loved the simple, sexy cut of this black dress that is also elevated by the playful beading of the orchid.


Stay tuned for how I styled each of these awesome items!

A Lil’ Fashion Challenge


In honor of the new year, I have decided to finally get off my butt and start what I’ve been saying I would for years— a blog.

I am embarking on a new adventure and will be using this as a way to catalog (and also hold myself accountable) while on said adventure.

In this past year I had fallen into both a funk emotionally and when it came to fashion, which for me was the wake-up call that I needed—it was time to worry when I stopped having fun getting dressed in the morning.

To combat this funk I decided to join Rent The Runway in order to spice up my wardrobe while also pairing down my actual closet (do I really need 10 black tank tops when I only wear 2?) and get more creative with my outfit choices.

And here’s the real kicker… I’m not allowed to shop for myself while doing rent the runway (short of something breaking and needing to be replaced I am not allowed to shop—which if you know me is going to be the toughest challenge I’ve placed on myself in years).

So follow along as I embark on this fashion journey and feel free to leave a comment on how you’d style the items I’m picking or even just to say hi.

Let’s Remix, Rematch and have some epic fashion fun!