💕 Valentine’s Remix 💕

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! 💘

I know some people don’t love this holiday, but I enjoy using this day to remind everyone I hold dear to my heart that I love them. 

To amp up my day I tossed on this sequin heart sweater by Wildfox and paired it with  some distressed jeans and the same pink coat and kitten heels from my previous post.

This look is a little more day appropriate for work and running around with little kids (I’m a nanny by trade) and sequins are usually a big hit. 

I’m loving this look (although it makes my previous one seem edgy in comparison) and will be continuing to dress in the theme of love and valentines for the rest of the week. 

Hope everyone’s days are filled with joy, love and friendship. 


Saccharine Sweet

When it comes to dressing for or near a holiday I tend to go all out—and Valentines Day is no exception. 

I rented this beautiful burgundy number to hit the town and I must say it is beautiful (although I did make the mistake of ordering it about two sizes too big—seriously thank you whoever invented double stick tape 🙌🏻). 

I paired it with some pale pink patent kitten heels by Bandolino to play up the sweetness of the ensemble. 

The plunging neck and lace give it a fun, flirty vibes and the movement at the bottom with the ruffles added an extra pep to my step. 

To complete the look I threw on some pink mirrored shades by Lucky Brand and an old pair of pink floral earrings from H&M to complete the somewhat overly sweet nature of the outfit. 

I had considered pairing this dress with a black leather jacket and some black booties in the beginning (which would have been more in my comfort zone for sure), but overall I’m super happy with how the look turned out. 

Win Some, Lose Some

I was so excited for this sweater when I ordered it. Everything from the cut to the colors excited me. Plus how can you go wrong with pockets?!

Lesson learned: you can go wrong with pockets. 😕

The colors and burgundy stripe were just as fabulous in person as they were online, however the cut of this sweater was incredibly awkward. The pockets bulged and the cropped fit only accentuated that.

Determined to wear everything I ordered, I paired it with my favorite boyfriend jeans and some fuzzy grey slides as a casual look for work.

The pockets were convenient to have, but overall I feel if they weren’t there this sweater would have fit a million times better.

All that being said, I’m proud that I found a way to make this work even though I didn’t love it. I was forced out of my comfort zone and I’ll consider that a win.

Frayed Frenzy

I was super excited to try these pants after having them initially removed from my first order (so far I’ve placed two and neither has been able to be completed with all my original choices 🤔). 

Top: C&C California/ Pants: Kendall + Kylie/ Shoes: Report/ Sunglasses: Wildfox

And while I like them I don’t absolutely love them.

To even out the wide leg and high waist I paired them with my favorite white cropped tee and my favorite sunglasses by wildfox. 

While the pants are cute and material is soft, they were clearly designed for someone less vertically challenged than I. 

Perhaps when paired with a simple nude heel they will be a little more elongating. I definitely plan to play around a bit more before returning them to see. 

Experimenting is whole the point of this challenge, right? 

Next Up

I was a little disappointed this time around because I had to replace not one, but two of the original items I had picked at the last second. 

As a backup I chose this beautiful fuschia dress by Halston Heritage since I loved the previous one so much. I tend to steer clear of such bright colors normally, so I am excited to see if this is a shade I can pull off. Fingers crossed!

Halston Heritage Fuschia Rose Dress:

I selected this sweater to wear on its own as well as the burgundy dress featured below it. My hope is that it will dress it down enough for a weekend brunch or casual date night. 

Brown Allan Gray Two Tone Sweater:

This dress was one of two I selected in hopes of finding something for Valentines Day. I love the deep burgundy shade in the picture and the lace detail makes it flirty and fun. 

Nicholas Tuck Hem Bra Dress:

I had these in my first order, but had to replace them at the last second since they were no longer available. Excited to be able to try them this time around! 

Kendall + Kylie Blue Fray Jeans:

How would you style these pieces? 

Sunday In Stripes

This Endless Rose coat wins award for best underdog. I wanted to send it back immediately when I recieved it—the cut was wonky and it was tight in the arms in some weird ways. 


Due to not having the right size return envelope I was basically stuck with it, so I played around and boy am I happy I did. 

It spiced up any outfit I tossed it over, and was perfect for a casual stroll to brunch last Sunday (until it became 80 degrees halfway on our walk to our local spot). 

I loved how it punched up this simple cotton dress I’ve had for years though. There was definitely a pep in my step, not just Sunday but every time I wore it. 

I was sad to send it back, but excited for all the future possibilities coming my way thanks to this self-imposed rent the runway challenge.

Stay tuned!

Pony Tales

I picked these pants out to wear to the wine festival at the Santa Anita racetrack this past weekend. 

They were lightweight and incredibly comfy while also feeling incredibly stylish. The paper bag tie waist gives them a playful edge, while the cut remains streamlined and classic. I also felt that an almost all black ensemble was a safe play surrounded by all that wine.  

I threw on a little coverup to avoid a (potentially very awkward) sunburn and threw on some slides so I wouldn’t hurt my feet or run the risk or tripping and wasting valuable wine. 

To complete the outfit I pulled my hair back into a ponytail—it seemed an appropriate choice based on the venue—topped with a black velvet hair tie.