Prep It Up

For whatever reason I have never quite mastered the cool girl layering thing. Whenever I attempt to put a button up under a sweater I look less chic and more ridiculously bulky and awkward.

Perhaps that is why I was drawn to this beauty 👆 above with the layering built it! Maximum effect, minimum effort. 

However when I placed the order I was sceptical as to whether I’d end up wearing it (out of the house at least), but it ended up fitting perfectly! 

I paired it with some of my favorite high waist 7 for all mankind jeans (which were perfect for streamlining and holding in any pudge I wanted to hide). For shoes I opted for a pair of burgundy booties to play off the beautiful blue of the sweater.

So my friends, if you’re like me and have not mastered “cool girl layering” I highly recommend an all-in-one item like this.

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